I started this project in 2019 because I wanted to take advantage of M3D’s full color print head (QuadFusion) but also wanted to use an Anet A8 printer. I’ve used the Anet A8 printer for years and had lots of success with it. The printer is really a workhorse and has printed some of my nicest prints to date. Most people started staying away from the Anet A8’s due to the fire risk but after a couple modifications the printer is perfectly safe.

I’ve supported Anet and M3D for years now so I said why not? Lets make a full color Anet A8. In my research I found they released a new model “The Anet A8 Plus”. This model came with fixes for all the old issues the regular A8 had. Plus, it had better construction and had a bigger build area. At this time I got my Anet A8 Plus and started this project.

This project encompasses lots of model designing, building and configuration. Some of the models I created and some I remixed. I had to start from scratch with this project since an Anet A8 Plus has never been converted to full color. (or even a regular Anet A8 that I could find.) I spent the time compiling my research on this site so you could build your own and have the data in one place. Keep in mind this site doesn’t include a step by step comprehensive guide to build your printer. It’s here more for the research and parts so you can be creative and build your own. I couldn’t have completed this project with the support of Steve Moxley, Original Quaden designs by Juan Rosario, Michael Armani for the QuadFusion, and the M3D Quad Owners group on Facebook.

When it comes to configuring and setting up this printer with the Quad setup Juan Rosario (Original Quaden Developer) has been a major contributor to this. He brought his expertise to the table to help make sure this project is a success. Thank you Juan!

Thank you to everyone that supported this project!

James “Henry”